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Fiddlin' About began as an acoustic wandering trio in August 2017. Russ, Jim and Ollie were 3 highly experienced musicians looking for more gigs in and around London. Whilst we already had well established party bands with years of gigging experience, we didn't have a compact acoustic band suitable for the hundreds of events happening in and around the city, all year round. So we formed Fiddlin' About.

Our first gig was a private party to 40 people, our second gig was a business networking event at the top floor of The Shard - mission objective accomplished! Since then we've played at most of London's most iconic and exclusive venues, as well as appearing at luxury weddings in France, Greece, Sweden, Croatia and Spain.

The band quickly outgrew the freelance commitments of our 3 original members to rely solely on their availability, so we now have a roster of around 15 fanatically talented and totally professional musicians and singers. Check out our GALLERY and you'll see a variety of friendly faces. Each and every gig is different, which keeps our performances fresh and energy high. We set out with no set list or agenda, we play to the crowd and do our utmost to make a Fiddlin' About gig one of the most memorable and unique live music experiences you can encounter.