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We offer a number of lineups and setup options. Whilst most of our enquiries are for an acoustic roaming band, this unplugged setup is not always ideal for all events. We're more than happy to discuss any event and suggest what would work best.

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Our most flexible and mobile lineup. Armed only with our acoustic, unplugged instruments and our voices, we can play in almost any situation, able to mingle with your guests and take requests. Ideal for drinks receptions, private parties, corporate events, wedding ceremonies or receptions. This lineup can provide anything from raucous singlalongs to tasteful background music. Most effective for groups of up to 50 people. Also suitable for larger groups when you're looking for less overpowering entertainment.


Book us with our PA when you're looking for a compact band to make a big impact. Recommended for most events of 40 people or more, when you want the band to be heard throughout the event. Our lineup is still 2 singing guitarists (often one on bass) plus fiddle, now time with added bass drum to give our sound extra punch.



If you're looking to get the party started and the dance floor packed we'd recommend our Trio with Drums lineup. This was the setup chosen by Jaguar Land Rover to launch their new Evoque model. We use a fairly small kit to keep our setup fast and effective. 2 singing guitarists (often one on bass), fiddle and drum kit.

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